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Monday, July 20, 2009

Meet the Wedding List Company

Tell us exactly what is that you do?

Wedding List Co. was Australia's first dedicated bridal registry company. Determined to inject the fun and excitement back into what should be one of the more enjoyable aspects of a wedding, Wedding List Co. makes life easy for the wedding couple with unparalleled personal service. Guests can purchase gifts online or visit one of the gorgeous showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

How long have you been doing this for?

6 years

How many weddings have you participated in?


What are you seeing as emerging trends/new brands in wedding gifts for 09/10?

Coco Republic Furniture, Artwork gift vouchers, Nintendo Wii, Wine.
Otherwise Honeymoon or Home Renovation Contribution.

What should we not see at a wedding in 09/10? Are there any faux pas to keep clear of?

Cash! It is very inappropriate to ask your guests for cash, and people actually don’t like being asked for cash and they are likely to spend two and half times more on a tangible gift rather than a money request.

When helping a bride and groom create a wedding registry, what are some popular items emerging?

Unique items (as furniture, artwork, wine) and also traditional such as a good quality dinnerware set, glasses, cookware, bed and linen etc. It is always lovely to receive beautiful homeware you wouldn’t buy yourself!

What is the biggest mistake you see brides make with their wedding overall?

Focusing too much on what they will be receiving. Remember, asking guests for a gift is just that… a gift, it’s not an expectation. There is why asking for money is unacceptable, you must be respectful to the closest people in your lives that are invited to your wedding.

For more information visit: http://www.weddinglistcompany.com.au/