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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5 minutes with Alexandre Selfe

When did you get married?

13th September 2008

What is the location of your wedding?
Carvoeiro, The Algarve, Portugal

Any hiccups along the way?
Getting married in Portugal and arranging a wedding with predominantly English guests from Australia was a challenge in itself. Luckily my parents were brilliant and went to Portugal a number of times in the year before the wedding to meet wedding planner, photographer etc so when I got to Portugal for the 4 days in June, we had most things sorted. Getting married in a non English speaking country where our knowledge of the language was also very basic had it’s difficulties but you have to get into the spirit of the culture and the Portuguese are very laid back and get things done but in their own time. As soon as you accept that it makes things a little easier. i.e. not getting an answer straight away was sometimes frustrating especially as the planning is all consuming at the time!

Do you have words of wisdom for brides to be?
Take 5 minutes on the day to stand with your new husband and watch your wedding and your guests having a fabulous time on YOUR wedding day! It all passes by so fast and we were given that advice and it was the best advice we were given as it was lovely to stand together, watch everyone and say ‘we’ve done it!’ Another piece of advice is to enjoy the engagement period and all the planning so don’t let it stress you out. There will never be another time in your life like your engagement period!

Tell us about your dress
Made by Corston Couture in Sydney, it was a halter neck, silk dupion shell with an iridescent silk georgette overlay, which reflected the light beautifully in Portugal. The bodice and straps were ruched with the silk georgette and French lace sewn in between the ruching. My back was exposed except for the join of the French lace at the back and the bodice was boned to hold the structure. Swarovski crystals were sewn onto the lace and I added my grandma’s vintage brooch to it to add extra sparkle. I had a train which swept out at the back of my dress and the silk dupion was at the base with the georgette overlaying on the top which fanned out like two wings