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Friday, March 30, 2012

Are You a Man Repeller?

Proven Social Theory: Clothes that girls love, boys usually hate.

Better still: If boys hate it, fairly good indication that what you’re wearing, is spot on.

This is the theory New Yorker Leandra Medine lives by, and now makes a living from.

The Man Repeller’, established just under 2 years ago was born after a day of shopping with a friend in downtown NYC. 

Complaining about her love life, (whilst wearing a triple-denim outfit) it was Leandra’s friend who cracked the code, “Look at what you’re wearing….you’re a Man Repeller!”

 According to Leandra, the rest is History.

 Averaging  around 750,000 hits a month, this Man Repeller blog is doing something right.  Whether it be drowning yourself in 7 layers before you leave the house, or simply throwing on a pair of incredibly flattering Harem Pants, Leandra has the perfected the recipe for repelling.

For a lesson in print clashing, or a quirky Fashion Week re-cap, this virtual space is a one stop shop.

If you aren’t already following this Repeller and her brain juice, consider this entry an early birthday present – meet, greet and unleash your inner Man Repeller - http://www.manrepeller.com

By Georgy Searles, Magnet PR