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Thursday, June 30, 2011

From Tailors' Apprentice to Designer Wedding Dresses, Sarah Janks opens flagship store in Sydney

This week Sarah Janks opens her flagship Sydney studio in Sydney’s North Shore, introducing her stunning Debut collection, ‘TEMPUS’. The collection reinterprets classic shapes with a modern slant, employing traditional techniques with impeccable fit and attention to detail.

The dichotomy of fitted versus fluid is underlined by second skin bodices accompanied by ball gown or curvaceous hourglass skirts. Slinky bias cut dresses in chiffons, liquid satins and morocains balance the tailored pieces in the collection. The intricate embellishments and fabric manipulations are inspired by pressed flowers, old hand written love notes hidden in the folds of the skirt, small tokens of affection and a nostalgia of an era where romance blossomed into love, this collection celebrates the importance of making time for each other in this busy modern world.

Sarah has come a long way from leaving South Africa where she was born and raised to landing in London with just 300 pounds. Sarah found her first job at Kashkets, “My ability to fit and visualize a garment today is rooted in those days I spent working at Kashkets.”  

Twelve years on and after almost a decade working for incredible designers such as Roland Mouret, Jonathan Saunders and Jenny Packam, Sarah moved to Australia and this week opened the doors to her Neutral Bay Studio. In the same year, Kashket and Partners made Prince William and Prince Harry’s uniforms for his wedding to Kate Middleton and Sarah will stock pieces from Kate Middleton’s favourite hat designer Vivien Sheriff within her store.

Taking the next step and starting her own label was the next challenge for Sarah, “It has been a journey, doing simple beautifully and refining my signature until people immediately identify the gown as a Sarah Janks. Everything is all starting to fall into place, no more hiding behind designers, it’s just me”, says Sarah

Sarah uses her designs as an incredibly powerful way of communicating, evoking a reaction not only when they’re on the catwalk, but when that conversation starts, one on one with a client.

Come and see Sarah’s journey and evoke a reaction with her elegant and intricate new collection ‘TEMPUS’.

See Sarah Janks  gowns on the catwalk online at the White Gallery in London, follow the link: