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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Collete by Collette Dinnigan

Something that is extremely exciting when planning a wedding is all things fashion. A chapter in the event planning process that many women cannot wait to focus on! The major benchmark of course being the wedding dress. Once that is sorted then it is the shoes, the hair, the veil (if you choose to wear one), the jewellery, and every other possible accessory that your guests could possibly see!

What about the accessories that the guests cannot see? Or at least should not see, the under garments -the nuptial negligée?

Some brides take a great deal of effort to find something sexy and gorgeous when it comes to the lingerie department on their special day. Women at times discuss the options years in advance as to what they would wear on their wedding day. It is nice feeling when wearing a matching set of lingerie, especially for an event like your wedding day where everything possible you have control over- you want to be perfect!

Collette Dinnigan, famous for being the first Australian designer to launch a ready-to-wear collection in Paris, has launched a luxury lingerie collection. The collection includes a range of gorgeous styles, luxury silks and laces catering to every taste.

Whether you are a retro belle, a vintage rose or if you are looking for a dangerous liaison, Collette by Collette Dinnigan exclusively for David Jones is guaranteed to satisfy.

With soft luxurious fabrics and comfortable fittings, this range is set to follow suit. Collette Dinnigan will be showcasing bridal wear at the Ultimate Wedding Planning Party event during one of the fashion parades as a part of the evening.

Natasa xx