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Friday, August 27, 2010

M.J. BALE set to heat up the Ultimate Wedding Planning Party!

That's right ladies! Beautiful gowns won't be the only thing you'll be watching on the runway at the Ultimate Wedding Planning Party! We'll have some fun-loving sexy men modelling the luxurious M.J. Bale on the catwalk!

Hear what Alex Knight from M.J. Bale has to say...
"M.J. Bale is becoming a regular at weddings. In fact we LOVE a good wedding! From groomsmen's ties to hand-made customs suits we can cater to ‘nearly’ every need and theme. Whilst we would never dream of trying to usurp the most important person on the day...we do try to ensure the groom comes in a very close second!"

I don't know about you but it'll certainly be the highlight of my day!

And for all the men being dragged along by their hair, you very well may pick up some fantastic styling tips for not only yourself but your groomsmen too.

Check out some images..

... Not the worst thing I've had to look at.

Want your man to look THAT good on your big day?
Then click here for more info on the Ultimate Wedding Planning Party!!

Sarah xx