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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Goodies for your Wedding Day

A trend popular in the States, that hasn’t quite hit Sydney yet is Tooth Jewellery. A tiny glittering jewel/crystal or piece of gold/silver is cemented to one your bicuspids for that *ping* in every photograph. Whilst DIY sets are available, some research will tell you it’s wise to have a dentist bejewel your tooth for safety and hygiene. The jewel does no damage to your teeth or mouth and unlike a tattoo or piercing can be easily removed with no trace.

A Bridal Bag - what a fantastic concept! It’s something a little bit different and certainly handy to carry all your wedding day treats and necessities around in – and it’s pretty too! Purchase one online or simply keep the concept and use your own gorgeous bag to match your dress (or here’s an excuse to buy one!)


Wedding vows are meant to be the most personal, sentimental and unique thing you ever say. Which is why it’s slightly amusing that there are so many books written about what to say and how to say it! One of my favourite titles is “Wedding Vows Book: How to Personalize The Most Important Promise You'll Ever Make”. If you are struggling for what to say on the big day (and we know you still adore your fiancé) then it’s nice to know there are so many Wedding Vow Books out there to help you. Angus & Robertson have a substantial collection:


Wedding Garters are often the last thing on your mind when it comes to planning your wedding. Thankfully there are companies that take all the thought out of it for the busy bride. Pink Frosting has a great selection!


Their garters fall into three main categories:

  • Handmade garters for themed weddings

Specialist lingerie designers can create bespoke garters. Hand dyed ribbon, embellishments, crystals and fabric flowers are used to create bridal garters for different wedding themes, such as beach weddings, winter weddings, oriental weddings, Spring weddings and weddings styled on colour such as black and white.

  • Something Blue Garters

Hidden from view, a blue garter allows you to honour the tradition of something old, new, borrowed and blue without taking away from your dress and hair.

  • Just for fun - Personality Garters

By the time it comes to your bridal toss, your guests will be ready for some frivolity, so why not have some fun and fling your personality garter with loads of good humour. Personality garters include: superhero garters, sporty garters or personalised garters.

Have you seen any great goodies that you want to tell us about?